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Wall Pours Continue

PKG completed three wall pours last week each at 70 cubic yards of concrete each. This week 2 more wall pours were completed; one with 70 cubic yards and the other with 95 cubic yards of concrete. Each wall of the Biological Treatment is 20 feet high and range from 1’-0” to 1’-6” thick. The rectangular structure has 12 internal basins that are formed by approximately 2,000 linear feet of wall. The walls are split into 27 separate pours. Each week two to three wall sections are poured. To date, six wall sections have been poured.

The wet well of the Operations Building is almost ready to be poured. The wet well is where the treated wastewater goes to be pumped to the river. Due to having many incoming and outgoing pipes, the wet well has been a time consuming structure. The rebar tying, forming, and pouring of the wet well should be completed within the next week or two.

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