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Wall Pour & Biological Treatment Rebar

The Contractor performed the first of three wall pours on the dry/wet well of the Operations Building. The pour consisted of approximately 40 feet of 26 feet high walls. The pour used 84 yards of concrete and took approximately 6 hours. Wall pours are more tedious and time consuming than floor pours. The concrete must be poured at a much slower rate in order to allow it to set up and harden. Once set the concrete holds itself up instead of being held up by the forms. If the concrete is poured to high without the bottom setting up and becoming hard, the forms can fall apart at the bottom due to the weight of the concrete. There are still two more wall pours that will take place in the coming month.

The Contractor tied all of the floor rebar for the Biological Treatment structure. The floor for this structure will be poured mid next week and will take approximately 8 hours. The pour will require about 900 yards of concrete. The concrete will need to be poured at a rate of 120 yards per hour. For comparison, the wall was poured at a rate of 14 yards per hour.

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