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UV Structure & Dry Well Piping

UV Structure:

The contractor has completed the concrete portion of the UV structure, which sits in the southeast corner of the facility. The structure is almost 100 feet long and varies from 5 to 12 feet deep. Inside the structure are three main sections: flow measurement; UV disinfection; and cascade aeration. The flow measurement section will house a fiber glass piece of equipment that will determine the amount of treated wastewater going to the effluent well. After flow measurement is the UV disinfection. The UV disinfection equipment is what deactivates the remaining bacteria and viruses still in the water. The flow measurement device actually tells the UV equipment how much disinfection is needed based on how much wastewater is going through the system. The third section, cascade aeration, reaerates the water. As it leaves the biological treatment basin, the water is low in oxygen. The cascade aeration system adds oxygen to the water before it gets pumped to the Big Sioux River.

Dry Well Piping:

With the stairs now completed, PKG has begun installing the piping in the dry well for the pumping systems. There are three pumping systems in the dry well. The first set of pumps are the reclaim pumps. These pumps send the treated wastewater to multiple hydrants around the site. This water can then be used in place of potable water to wash down equipment and basins. The second set of pumps are the effluent pumps. These are the pumps that will send the treated water to the Big Sioux River. The third set of pumps are the lift station pumps. These pumps send raw wastewater from the onsite sanitary system up to the front of the facility to be treated. These pumps are also designed to take wastewater from future western developments to the head of the facility.

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