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Treatment & Finishing Touches

The Biological Treatment has been accepting and treating raw wastewater from the City of Harrisburg for approximately one month now. The treatment processes have been working great and removing almost 99% of all the City's permitted parameters! With the UV equipment also working, the treated water will soon be ready to be discharged to the Big Sioux River.

Around the site, the contractor is completing the ancillary items to complete the project such as building lights, grading, and seeding. Currently the road is getting its final surfacing and grading, giving access to all the buildings onsite. The road consists of 12" of cement stabilization with a 3" topping of crushed concrete. The cement stabilization mixes cement into the ground to create a hard, long lasting subgrade for the crushed concrete to sit on. The crushed concrete is recycled concrete that has been graded to the size of typical gravel. Crushed concrete creates a harder, longer lasting surface than typical road gravel.

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