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Start Up and Commissioning

The facility has officially accepted wastewater! The first stage in the treatment process is the fine screen. The fine screen was the first piece of equipment to startup and receive wastewater. The screen ensures no objects larger than 1/4" gets to the treatment basins. The screen works like a conveyor belt; once the holes get plugged it rotates and cleans itself to keep wastewater flowing properly.

As the water passes through the fine screen, the next process in line is the Biological Treatment basins. The air diffusers and supply lines have been tested and approved. As the basins are filling, the water is mixed and aerated. Once the basins are full, the goal is to begin the proper biological processes that will achieve treatment. To help kickstart the process, biosolids generated at the Sioux Falls Water Reclamation Facility were brought in to “seed” the basins. This "seed" water already has the proper biological processes taking place and will help start the basins.

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