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Roofing, Masonry, and More Concrete

Headworks Building

The precast walls and the concrete roof structure of the Headworks Building have been completed. The concrete roof structures connect to the precast walls and support the roof as well as stabilize the walls. On top of the roof structure will be a waterproof membrane and insulation, which is currently half complete. The interior plumbing of the Headworks Building is also underway and set to be completed soon. After the plumbing is complete the concrete floor can be poured and the above floor interior work can begin.

Operations Building

The concrete beams for the drywell have been poured allowing the contractor to begin installing stairs, steel, and other items down in the drywell. The masons have begun constructing the CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) wall that separates the blower room from the offices and supports the roof joists. The CMU wall is over 18 feet tall and will be sand filled. Filling the CMU wall with sand will help mitigate the noise from the blowers. Around the wall is a temporary tarp shelter with heaters to keep the concrete at the right temperature during construction. The shelter is three stories high and will remain until the CMU wall is complete.

Biological Treatment

The catwalks of the Biological treatment have been completed. There are two 4’ 6” wide catwalks that are each 108 feet long. The catwalks allow the operators to walk along the center of the Biological Treatment. The clarifier baffles help distribute and collect sludge. The distribution baffles and collection baffles span the 36 feet wide clarifier and are 65 inches and 18 inches tall respectively.

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