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Roofing, Floors, and Piping

Operations Building

The contractor has completed installing the bar joists for the roof structure. The CMU wall holds the bar joists in the center and the precast walls support the joists along the exterior walls. The bar joists span 49 feet on the west side and 39 feet on the east side. Also now complete are the monorail beams in the garage and the dry well. Each beam is capable of holding two tons of weight and will be used for moving equipment. On top of the beams is the steel decking. The steel decking holds the different components of the roof and acts as a structural barrier between the interior and exterior. The next item in this building will be the stairs into the drywell.

Headworks Building

The floors of the west half of the building are now complete. Each concrete floor gets sealed with a densifier and a clear coat. The densifier hardens and strengthens the concrete and the clear coat protects the surface of the concrete. The HVAC and above ground plumbing have also begun.

Site Piping

The 16" influent forcemain that brings wastewater from the current lift station to the facility is now installed up to Box Structure #1. The next piping to go in will be the 18" effluent forcemain and the onsite potable water piping.

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