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Rebar and Excavation

The excavation of the approximately 30 feet deep dry/wet well was completed and foundation work began. PKG, the Contractor, laid down a geofabric and ¾” rock at the bottom of the excavation where concrete will be poured. The concrete subcontractor created his base form for the floor of the well and began tying the rebar for the floor. The floor will be 2’-4”thick with two rebar mats. The goal is to complete the rebar tying and pour the floor by the end of next week.

PKG has also been excavating the Biological Treatment foundation. It is approximately 150 feet by 130 feet open to atmosphere basin that will be 20 feet deep. The bottom of the basin will have a one foot thick floor with two rebar mats. The floor of the basin will have over 700 cubic yards of concrete.

The Biosolids Storage excavation is also underway. This building will sit higher than the existing ground, so the Contractor is laying the dirt from the Biological Treatment excavation and putting it on the Biosolids Storage area.

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