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Precast Walls Begin

Operations Building

Precast erection on the Operations Building has begun. There are currently 33 out of 42 walls installed. Each of the walls are 8 feet wide and 20 feet tall. The bottom of the walls are welded to metal plates on the foundation walls and are held upright by stiffening bars that keep them from tipping. These bars will remain in place until roof structure is in place. After the walls are completed the contractor can begin working on the internal concrete masonry wall followed by the floor and the roof structure.

Biological Treatment:

The basin walls of the Biological Treatment structure are now complete. The next pieces to be constructed are the catwalks and the clarifier baffles. The catwalks sit atop each of the basin walls and allow visual access to each of the basins. The goal of the clarifier basins is to help separate the solids from the wastewater. The clarifier baffles are triangular structure within the clarifier basin that help equally distribute the sludge throughout the basin for removal.

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