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Operations Building Excavation

The excavation of the Operations Building is almost complete. The bottom of the excavation is approximately 30 feet deep and will house the deepest foundation onsite. The remaining Operations Building excavation will only be about 10’ deep. The dirt that is being excavated is being placed where the Headworks Building will be. The Headworks Building will be at a higher elevation than the existing ground so the area needs to be built up. Both dump trucks and compactors continuously drive over the Headworks Building area as the dirt is being piled in order to compact the newly placed dirt and also surcharge the existing ground. Surcharging is placing a large load on an area to consolidate the soil before building. Consolidating the soil will help reduce and hopefully eliminate any settling once the Headworks Building is complete. Next week the contractor will begin tying rebar for the Operations Building foundation.

Operations Building Excavation

Headworks Building Surcharge

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