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Masonry Wall, Floors, and Site Utilities

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Operations Building

The concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall is now complete. The wall stands 18' tall and spans approximately 107 feet. The wall encloses the blower room and the electrical room and also separates the blower room from the office area. The sand filling of the wall will help mitigate the noise from the blowers. In total the wall consisted of over two thousand bricks.

Headworks Building

Last week the contractor completed a floor of Headworks Building. The floors are made of a 6" concrete slab with a single rebar mat for reinforcement. Under the floor is a layer of vapor barrier and rigid insulation. This helps keep the slab from freezing by keeping water out which, in turn, will help reduce cracking. The pour itself consisted of 20 yards of concrete and took approximately 6 hours to complete.

Site Utilities

The existing forcemain was connected to at two locations. The first connection is at the influent of the new water reclamation facility (west side). Previously the forcemain took water from the existing lagoons to Sioux Falls. The new connection redirect the line into the new water reclamation facility instead of Sioux Falls. Last summer a new forcemain was constructed that will carry the treated water from the new facility to the Big Sioux River. This new forcemain connects onto the existing forcemain just east of the facility's site. The second connection takes place at the effluent of the facility (east side). This connection will take the treated water from the facility, into the existing forcemain which now flows into the new forcemain and out to the Big Sioux River.

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