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Initial Grading & Excavation

This week construction began with the grading and excavation of the access road, which will lead to both the Headworks and Operations buildings. This will consist of a cement treated subgrade with a geofabric liner and gravel surfacing. The cement treatment helps to harden the subgrade, which will prevent the road from settling. The geofabric acts as a stabilizer between the gravel surface and the cement treated subgrade. On the south end of the project the contractor is beginning to excavate the area for the Operations Building. The Operations Building is a 86’ x 80’ single story building with a 5’ deep foundation. On the south side of the building is a 25’ deep 40’ x 43’ wet well that will house the effluent pumps. The excavation of this building will be approximately 4,400 CY. Next week the contractor will continue to grade the site and begin excavation on the Headworks Building.

There will be a ground breaking ceremony next week on Tuesday June 28th at noon.

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