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Influent Channel and Site Piping

Headworks Building:

The north and south walls of the influent channels in the Headworks Building were poured this week. The influent channel is where the the wastewater will be screened before going to the Biological Treatment structure. The Headworks Building has three channels. At start up, one channel will have mechanically cleaned screening equipment and the middle channel will by a bypass channel with manually cleaned screening equipment. The third channel will be utilized for future growth of the facility.

The contractor has also started excavating the area for the footing of the Headworks Building. The footings will wrap around the entire building and are 5’ deep.

Biological Treatment:

The contractor completed three more wall pours this week. 18 of 26 wall pours are now complete. The walls are expected to be completed in late November.

Operations Building:

The dry/wet well of the Operations Building has backfill approximately half way complete. The incoming and outgoing pipes to the wet well portion are being installed. The installation of the site piping will start at the wet well and work towards the Headworks Building.

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