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Helical Piers, Foundation Walls, and Influent Channel

Biological Treatment:

PKG has now completed 22 of 26 wall section pours. The structure is expected to be completed in early December. The next step will be to begin building the equipment for the clarifier basins. Through the winter the contractor will be working on installing all the process piping that will go into the Biological Treatment.

Headworks Building:

The influent channel is now completely poured. Each interior channel is currently 5 feet deep. There will be four gates that allow the operator to divert flow to other channels. Along with the gates the bottom of each channel will be lined with grout to form a specific contour that will aid in the hydraulics of each channel.

The contractor also completed the exterior foundations walls of the Headworks building. The foundation walls transfer the loads of the building from the walls and floor to the footings. The foundation walls for this building are 4 feet high and 1 foot thick. There is still one more footing to pour for the Headworks Building before the floor and walls can be placed.

Operations Building:

Supporting the Operation Building is a mix of footings and helical piers. Last week the contractor installed the helical piers. Helical piers are long sections of heavy rod with an auger tip which carry the loads from the foundation walls just like a footing would. Since the helical piers are screwed into the ground, they do not require excavation and are therefore very useful to use next to structures such as the dry/wet well. There are 15 helical piers that were installed along the north, east and west sides of the building.

The contractor also completed the exterior foundation walls of the Operations Building. The foundation walls in this building are also 4 feet tall and 1 foot tick. The next step in this building is to install the interior concrete beams, place the precast walls, and pour the floor of the building. Once the floor and walls are up, the contractor can use the winter to work on the interior of the building.

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