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Fine Screen, Flocculator Tank, and Leak Testing

Headworks Building

The fine screening equipment was set into the influent channel. The fine screen is the first step in the treatment process. The screen has 1/4" holes that ensure no large items such as rags and other toiletries flow into the Biological Treatment. When the screen gets dirty, it uses the treated water from the facility to wash itself. Everything the screen catches is compacted and placed in a dumpster to be landfilled.

On the other side of the Headworks Building, the flocculator tank was set in place. The flocculator tank is the intermediary process between the digester and the fan press. The flocculator tank accepts the sludge from the digesters and mixes it with a chemical polymer. The polymer helps bind the sludge particles together to aid in the dewatering process. After mixing, the polymer treated sludge is sent to the fan press for dewatering.

Biological Treatment

As the air piping in the Biological Treatment finishes up, leak testing has started. Since the basins will be holding hundreds of thousands of gallons of wastewater it is vital that there are no leaks in the concrete. To test this, each basin is filled with water and left for three days. There is a very small tolerance of how much the water level can fall over that three day period in order to pass the test. Once the leak testing is complete the contractor can put the finishing touches on the Biological Treatment.

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