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Fan Press, Walkways, and Floors

Headworks Building:

The biosolids fan press arrived onsite along with the conveyor and pump for it. The press dewaters solids from the digester basins and drops the dried substance into an auger that transfers it to a pump which pushes the solids into a dump truck. The fan press alone weighs over 11,000 pounds and will sit on a 12 ft long by 6 ft wide by 2 ft thick concrete pad which was poured this week. The pad serves two purposes. First, it holds the weight of the fan press and second, it sets the fan press high enough to dump into the auger.

Biological Treatment:

Walkways atop the treatment basins are being installed. Each interior wall of the Biological Treatment will have a walkway on top of it to allow the operators access to the equipment inside of the basins. The clarifier basins each have two extra walkways that allow for access and also hold the equipment for the clarifier that will hang into the basin.

Operations Building:

The contractor completed the concrete floors for the building this week. There are two 6-inch floors and one 4-inch floor. The 6-inch floors are in the garage area and the blower room. The blower room will have three heavy blowers and the garage will be able to handle larger equipment. The 4-inch floor is for the entire office area that will consist of the lab area, a breakroom, a single office, two storage room, bathroom and shower facilities, and a conference room.

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