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Clarifiers, Office Area, Equipment, and UV Structure

Biological Treatment Basin:

All walkways are set atop the biological treatment basins. The Contractor has begun installing parts and piping in the clarifier basins. In the clarifier solids settle to the bottom leaving clean water at the top. The settled solids get vacuumed off the bottom of the basin and get recycled back through the treatment basins. The clarifier's skimmer assemblies, which collect the clean water at the top of the basin, have been installed. The suction hoods, which collect the solids off the bottom, are almost completely installed. The next step in the treatment basin will be to install the piping trough the basins.

Operations Building:

The entire office area has been framed in with steel studs. A majority of the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing work is complete in this area. Once these are complete walls will be drywalled and finish work can begin.

Also in the operations building, the blowers have arrived and been set in place. There are three blowers which will provide air to the biological treatment basins. Each blower is approximately 7' wide by 6.5' long and 7' tall.

UV Structure:

The footings of the UV structure have been poured and the contractor is currently tying and forming the walls. The UV structure will house the flow measurement, UV disinfection treatment, and cascade aeration equipment. The structure is over 90' long, approximately 6' wide, and ranges from 5' to 12' deep.

Headworks Building:

The contractor has completed setting the fan press into place. The fan press dewaters the biosolids that come from the digester basin of the biological treatment. The dewatered biosolids then fall into a conveyor that leads to a pump that pushes them into the back of a dump truck. From there the solids can be reused, landfilled, or stored onsite.

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