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Clarifiers, Dry Wall and More Piping

Biological Treatment

The contractor is currently working on the Return Activated Sludge (RAS) suction lines in the clarifier. These lines “vacuum” settled sludge from the bottom of the clarifier and return it back into the basins. Recycling the sludge serves as a food source for the microorganisms in the basins and results in denitrification of the wastewater. The microorganisms that treat the wastewater need to be properly fed to effectively do their job, and RAS serves as a good portion of that food. Also, nitrogen is a major nutrient in wastewater that can be harmful to water bodies in high concentrations. By recycling the sludge, the nitrogen is pulled out of the wastewater and is converted into nitrogen gas, which then harmlessly is emitted into the atmosphere.

Operations Building

The dry wall installation of the office area in the Operations Building is almost complete. The office area has a kitchen, conference room, office, lab, bathroom, locker room, and storage rooms. This will serve as the main operation area of the water reclamation facility. Once all the dry wall work is complete, painting and finish work can begin.

In the dry well of the Operations Building, the contractor continues to install the piping for the effluent, reclaim, and lift station pumps. The piping in the dry well varies in diameter size from 4-inches up to 18-inches, and is located as high as 20-feet above finished floor.

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