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Air Supply Piping and Equalization Basin

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Biological Treatment:

The installation of the air piping throughout the biological treatment basins is underway. The entire biological treatment process runs on air supplied by large blowers located in the Operations Building. The air is distributed to each basin via a horizontally oriented header pipe (the white piping). From the header pipe the air is distributed into the individual vertically oriented metal diffuser lines (the gray piping). At the bottom of each diffuser pipe will be an air diffuser that discharges the air into the water. This air is what will drive the biological and chemical processes that treat the water.

Equalization Basin:

The contractor has started excavating the area for the equalization basin. An equalization basin is an area to store wastewater onsite. There could be times when the treatment plant is not available to accept wastewater. This could be due to high incoming flows, equipment being down, or to prevent permit violations. The basin itself will be able to hold 2.4 million gallons of wastewater that can be sent back into the treatment plant as desired. In this case, the storage is an earthen basin with berms to hold the water. Currently, the contractor is removing and stockpiling topsoil from the area. Once excavated down to the proper depth, the contractor will compact a layer of clay on the bottom and in the berms to ensure it does not leak water.

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