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  • National Institute of Technology Durgapur, India - BS Civil Engineering1969

  • Brigham Young UniversityMS Water and Wastewater Treatment1970​




  • Stockwell Engineers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Water/Wastewater Engineer, 2015-Present

  • Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Phoenix, Arizona

  • EHT Consultants in Abilene/Plano, Texas

  • Kennedy Jenks Consultants in San Diego, California

  • RBF Consulting in San Diego, California

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Shashi Prasad, P.E.

Stockwell Engineers

Water/Wastewater Engineer

Shashi has 40 years of experience in water and wastewater engineering. His experience as a core designer includes a wide range of projects including lift stations, oxidation ditches, sequencing batch reactors, clarifiers, screening facilities, headworks, odor control, chemical feed equipment and chemical storage equipment among other projects.

He has spent his career working across the country on projects both large and small. His primary locations include Texas, Arizona, California, Kansas and currently Sioux Falls. While in Texas, he has worked as a chief engineer for water and wastewater infrastructure at the Lower Valley Water District in El Paso, TX. The scope of projects included the construction of 8 lift stations, 20 miles of water and sewer lines, storage towers and a booster station. He also designed a 40 million gallon per day return activated sludge system for the Haskell Street Wastewater Facility.

While working in Arizona, Mr. Prasad designed headworks for the 91st Avenue plant in Phoenix. The system involved flow distribution bays, flow meters and sluice gates for the 150 million gallon per day facility. He also designed drinking water storage and pumping systems for the Union Hills Water Treatment Plant. The plant utilized a 180 million gallon storage basin and 60-inch diameter screw pumps to transfer up to 60 million gallons per day.

His experience in California includes a return activated sludge pumping system for the Hyperion Wastewater Plant in Los Angeles which had a capacity of 450 million gallons per day. The design utilized 94-inch screw pumps. He also designed the headworks, bar screens and odor control for the San Clemente wastewater facility.


Mr. Prasad has experience working with multiple subcontractors from many

disciplines including electrical, mechanical, HVAC and SCADA controls. He has

worked for nationally renowned companies including Black and Veatch Inc., Metcalf and Eddy Inc., RBF Consulting Inc. and Carollo Engineers, Inc. Shashi Focuses on designing facilities that are easy to maintain and that will last for many years to come.


  • Brandon, SD - This project included the design of Brandon lift station to pump all sewage generate at Brandon to the City of Sioux Falls wastewater treatment plant using dry pit large 150 HP VFD pumps. The pump station has wet-well/dry-well set up. The lift station is rated to pump 4.4 mgd.

  • Brandon, SD – The lift station has been designed with odor scrubber. The odor scrubber may be required in summer months. The scrubber is a dry carbon media.

  • Burbank, CA – The Valley Pumping Plant is the 10 mgd forebay (finished water storage) with disinfection and booster pumps. The project included the lining of the forebay, design of chlorine and anhydrous ammonia injection and refurbishing of the pumps.

  • Burbank, CA - This project included the design of chlorine scrubber for the ton cylinders at the Valley Pumping plant at Burbank, CA.

  • City of Missouri, TX - This project included the design of Sludge thickening clarifiers and dewatering using a 2 meter belt filter press, and polymer feed system and conveyor for truck loadings.

  • El Paso, TX - This project included the design of 30 mgd advanced (oxygen/tertiary) treatment with clarifiers, automatic back wash filters, aerobic sludge digesters with coarse bubble diffusers.

  • Granberry, TX - This project included the pre-design report for a 2 mgd Micro filtration plant. The Granbury Lake water will be treated to supply drinking water to the City of Granbury.

  • Los Angeles, CA - This project included the design of 94-inch screw pumps at the Hyperion wastewater treatment plant to pump 600 MGD of mixed liquor to support the secondary treatment process of the facility.

  • Orange County, CA - This project included the development of deep wells to supply drinking water. The deep wells were developed using submersible pumps.

  • Phoenix, AZ – 91st Ave. Facility - This project included the design of Aerated grit removal channels with grit classifier and washer at 91st avenue wastewater treatment plant.

  • Phoenix, AZ – 91st Ave. Facility - This project included the design of Parshall flume, flow measurement, flow distribution, and automatic mechanical bar screens at 91 st avenue 150 mgd treatment plant, Phoenix, AZ.

  • Phoenix, AZ - This project included the design of Primary treatment with primary clarifier and primary sludge pumping with progressive cavity pumps.

  • Phoenix, AZ – This project included the design of Secondary treatment including an activated sludge process with fine bubble ceramic domes air diffuser system. This was a 30 mgd plant expansion with blower building, secondary sludge pumping, anaerobic digesters and gas flairs.

  • Phoenix, AZ – Union Hills Water Treatment Plant - This project included the design of large raw water holding pond of Colorado River Water and a large diameter screw pump facility. This was a 60 mgd Colorado River water filtration plant to supply water the City of Phoenix.

  • Phoenix, AZ - The project at 91st Avenue included the design of 50 ft diameter Dissolved Air Floatation aerobic sludge thickening process and screw pumping to anaerobic digesters.

  • Plano, TX - This projec included the design of a 60 ft diameter secondary clarifier and sludge dewatering one-meter belt filter press for the solids handling facility.

  • San Clemente, CA - This project included the design of Secondary treatment including an activated sludge fine bubble ceramic air diffuser system for a 7 MGD treatment facility.

  • San Diego, CA - This project included the design of bolted water steel tank for reclaimed water storage and package type pumping station to transfer water for irrigation.

  • San Diego, CA – Metro Bio Center - This project included the design of sludge thickening and dewatering centrifuges.This was a 150 million dollar project to process all bio solids generated at the City of San Diego. The project included bio solids storage silos and loading docks to haul away bio solids.

  • Victorville, CA - designed 60 ft diameter anaerobic digester and hydraulic mixing and heating system to treat sludge flows generated at the facility. This was an expansion of the 20 mgd WWR Facilities.

  • Victorville, CA - This project included the design of digested sludge holding and drying ponds in the deserts of Victorville.

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